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Some Images from the Ranch

Food (vittles)

We have a comprehensive menu of starters, entree, mains, special steaks cooked to your satisfaction and a menu for little cowboys and cowgirls. Not to forget sweets for big people.

Whenever we´re open & you´re drinking we offer free food, just ask for a side of locally grown chunky potatoes, served crispy with a dusting of good salt & zingy Tomato sauce.

Water (& stronger stuff)

We have a comprehensive high quality wine list and range of tap and bottled beer. All country priced!

How to drink as a cowboy - After dismounting, the cowboy should be prone, hat off, elbows up, palms flat, boots vertical. It´s permissible for the bandana, shirt and vest to touch the water, but keep the firearm dry. Be aware that loud slurping might spook the horse.