Welcome to Saloon Saloon Bar & Grill


Bar menu open at all times with free food available to those enjoying a drink We do functions of all descriptions, catering for up to 150 pax with three different space options.

Our house rules preclude dirty scruffy clothes but a particular emphasis is placed on attitude, if you have an attitude or antisocial habits we'd appreciate if you went elsewhere.

Our music is sing-a-long with an emphasis on the 80's, 90's,  and lots of good top 40 and of course live music on the weekend

We encourage families and welcome kids of all ages,but you must be with a parent or legal guardian if you are under 18.


If you want honest wholesome food, plenty of it, you like a little yee hah in your life, if you can sing along to - 

Johnny Cash, Tom Jones, Eagles, Toby Keith, Blake Shelton and more. Then party Friday and Saturday from 9pm till 1am with live bands then we are probably just the Saloon for you!


Food (vittles)

We have a comprehensive menu of starters, entree, mains, special steaks cooked to your satisfaction and a menu for little cowboys and cowgirls. Not to forget sweets for big people.

Whenever we´re open & you´re drinking we offer free food, just ask for a side of locally grown chunky potatoes, served crispy with a dusting of good salt & zingy Tomato sauce.

Water (& stronger stuff)

We have a comprehensive high quality wine list and range of tap and bottled beer. All country priced!

How to drink as a cowboy - After dismounting, the cowboy should be prone, hat off, elbows up, palms flat, boots vertical. It´s permissible for the bandana, shirt and vest to touch the water, but keep the firearm dry. Be aware that loud slurping might spook the horse.